Over the past three years, I have purchased five paintings. They add inspiration, energy and an exciting design element to my home (I have every intention of expanding my collection). Each painting has its own personality and I love conversations they create among guests. 

One painting in particular “Inside” (Illustrated below) reminds me of my fondest memories scuba diving. I see sunlight shining through the water, colorful reefs, and it gives me a perspective of moving forward. Others see a gentle face and a cosmic quality. I often use this piece as a focus point (drishti) for meditation. Another painting I recently acquired “Spectral” is composed of 5 separate wood pieces within one frame. It insightfully speaks of harmony – colors lend to one another beautifully evoking a vibrant yet calm balance as a visual temperament

My overall experiences with her art have been nothing short of greatness; each piece is thoughtfully detailed, flowing and versatile. The professionalism, dedication and understanding she possesses in terms of what I seek in art sets her apart from everything else in a very special way.. 


Casey Ykema                       1. “INSIDE” 40cm x 86cm, Acrylic, Nov. 2012 2. “SPECTRAL” Acrylic, 32cm x 42cm, Dec. 2014

Since 1999, Kristen Carleton has dedicated her life to creating unfathomably beautiful and otherworldly works of art. A reputable artist in her local community, she has continued to evolve her expertise with leaps and bounds through dedicated color theory and a deep spiritual understanding of energy and movement. 

As a proud collector of Ms. Carleton’s work, I have noticed several distinct things about the four pieces I own. Firstly, although much of the art I own goes through phases in my home (as I rotate pieces in and out of storage regularly), these strangely alluring abstract landscapes always seem to remain on my walls. Also, I prefer keep them hung in the spaces that I spend the most time. I believe these are deliberate reactions to the vibratory and sensory addition they make to a room. They are calming, yet energetic. Precise in execution, yet freeing to gaze upon. They are truly well balanced in color and composition, yet almost reach out and pull you into a realm where you forget your earthly three dimensional standards. Forgetting where you are, yet finding yourself right where you belong, one pulls away from her created visions feeling healed, and somehow lifted in spirit. 

To gaze upon her work, one instinctively imagines her painted forms as energy. How it might move, combine, or fracture in our unseen world. Not surprisingly, Ms. Carleton also shines as a powerful Reiki healer. Having received several sessions from her myself, I have witnessed her deep understanding and clairvoyance of the subtlest of vibrations. One can assume that she brings these natural instincts to her canvas, gently moving color into place as she does with Universal Life Force Energy. 

I have had the special honor to not only watch Ms. Carleton create these works, but also learn snippets of her technique. Ms. Carleton knows her repertoire of colors intimately, and intuitively predicts their behavior while working swiftly and deliberately. Where one may watch her stack drops of color and expect a muddy disarray to appear, she impresses by pulling gently at the fluid, unraveling a myriad of deliciously separated colors, that reach effortless into swelling circles and organic branches of brushstrokes. One watches in awe as she bends these pigments to her will, giving each micro millimeter of her canvas her full attention. To be paint in the hands of this woman, is to be deeply moved and truly honored. 

I highly recommend her work to anyone who can appreciate not only the highest level of artistic profession and dedication, but also her particular respect and understanding of the energetic nature that she connects and collaborates with. 

Alicia Hoogveld


“Heart of the Psychedelic Jungle” 32cm x 91cm, acrylic – Kristen E Carleton

“Heart of the Psychedelic Jungle” 32cm x 91cm, acrylic – Kristen E Carleton

The Hope for Healing charity event is held annually and has raised a total of over $26,000 in its five years.  Kristen Carleton has played a monumentalpart in the generation of these funds. She has been involved in the form of donation of numerouspieces of art for the silent auction during the 2012, 2013, and 2014 events.  Funds raised weredonated directly to Calgary’s YWCA Domestic Violence PreventionPrograms.

A large piece of my heart belongs to women and children who are facing the same sort of despair.I can say the same for Kristen.  Through many discussions with her, the healing of others is clearly a high priority in her life.It has been an honor to work with a local artist that cares so deeply.  

Through her art, not onlyhas she participatedin the raising of funds, she has also touched the people who have her art hanging in their homes and offices.  A client of mine still tells me how calm she feels when looks at the piece in her room.


Audrey Wensley


Hope for Healing